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PS31 - Samuel F. Dupont School
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Marie Tebe "French Mary"

The life of a soldier was a very difficult life.
It was a life without family and a life facing sickness and many times death.

VIVANDIERES often accompanied their husbands to war.
They carried food and liquid refreshments, and sometimes
acted as nurses while caring for the sick and the wounded.
The uniform of the Vivandiere matched that of the regiment
of which she was a part. Over her trousers she would wear
a matching skirt and she would carry a pistol for protection and
a small barrel of liquid for the wounded.
A famous vivandiere of the Civil War was Marie Tebe.
She was a French immigrant who became known as "French Mary".
On April 16, 1861 she enlisted in Company I, 27th Pennsylvania
Volunteers with her husband. She participated in 13 battles.
She later served as a vivandiere with the 114th Pennsylvaia
Volunteers known as the Collis' Zouaves d'Afrique.
Mary was wounded in the left ankle by a bullet while serving
with this regiment. For her bravery she received the "Kearny Cross"
for heroism. It can be seen in this photo. Among the battles
in which she served was the Battle of Gettysburg.

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