The Greenpoint Monitor Museum "Road Show"
St. Anthony of Padua School
April 28, 2006

St. Anthony of Padua School
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Welcome from the fourth and fifth grades.


George (center of photo) is wearing a reproduction
of the uniform worn by his great great grandfather,
Charles F. Weinmann, who fought in the Civil War
with the 9th New York Hawkins' Zouaves.
The Civil War zouave uniform is very colorful compared
to the Civil War Union blue uniform worn by Arthur.
The Civil War Union zouave uniform is similar in style
to the zouave uniforms of French Algeria.

Janice is wearing a reproduction uniform of a
9th New York Hawkins' Zouave Vivandiere.
Her uniform matches George's uniform.
The Vivandiere's uniform also had jacket
buttons and a skirt.

This is Colonel Rush Hawkins of the 9th New York Hawkins' Zouaves.

Ellsworth's First Fire Zouaves also came from New York City.
They were New York City Firemen.

George shows the class the top of an original Ellsworth Fire Zouave
flag standard (flagpole) which carried the flag that
led the Fire Zouaves into battle. The flag standard
was cut many years ago when it was made into a
presentation piece as a gift to the Grand Army of the Republic.
It has been passed down to the
Oliver Tilden Camp No. 26,
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.


By looking at a Civil War soldier's cap you can see what he did in the war.
The insignia above were attached to the top of his cap.

CROSS CANNONS - This soldier is in the Artillery. He is in charge of the cannons.
CROSS SABERS - This soldier is in the calvary. He rides a horse into battle.
HORN - This soldier is in the infantry. He marches and fights on foot.


George is a graduate of PS 110, the Monitor School.  This was his shirt. (76kb) This is a steam fire engine.  It has a boiler.  The water in the boiler is boiled and makes steam.  This steam makes the fire engine move and pumps the water to put out a fire.  John Ericsson invented a steam fire engine. (63kb) This US Navy frigate was made of wood.  The wind and sails made it move.  It was deep in the water so it would not tip over.  It had guns on its sides.   (101kb) During the Civil War John Ericsson invented the USS Monitor.  It was constructed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  It helped the Union win the Civil War.  It was made of metal.  It had a steam engine and propeller which made it move.  It was not deep in the water, because it did not have sails.  It had a turret with two guns.  The turret would turn so the USS Monitor did not have to turn to shoot at an enemy ship. (86kb)
The Confederates had an ironclad ship called the CSS Virginia.  It was once a Union wooden frigate with sails.  It was called the USS Merrimac.  The Confederates cut off her sails and covered her with iron.  She was destroying the US Naval fleet of wooden ships until the USS Monitor stopped her.  The USS Monitor helped save the Union. (84kb) stanthonysy0506f.jpg (69kb) The USS Monitor sank in a storm.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the US Navy scooba divers brought up her engine, turret, lantern, propeller and other parts of the USS Monitor. (78kb) stanthonysy0506h.jpg (104kb)
Which mascot is the Union mascot?  Which is the Confederate Mascot? (87kb) Sallie was a Union Mascot.  She was in the battle of Gettysburg.  The Union soldiers had blue uniforms and were carrying a Union flag. (106kb) Stonewall was a Confederate mascot.  The Confederate soldiers had grey uniforms and were carrying a Confederate flag. (78kb) Old Abe was in 37 battles.  After the Civil War, the veterans took Old Abe to parades.  They collected money for the orphan children whose fathers died during the Civil War. (78kb)
stanthonysy0506m.jpg (91kb) John introduces Johnny Clem to the class.  Johnny was a drummer boy.  He ran away from home to join the Army.  He was only 9 years old. (79kb) St. Anthony of Padua School has many volunteer recruits. (84kb) stanthonysy0506p.jpg (82kb)
A Confederate soldier in a grey uniform  is found in the class. (99kb) stanthonysy0506r.jpg (129kb) This recruit is almost ready for action. (76kb) All the recuits are almost ready.  We found another Confederate soldier  in the class. (53kb)
Arthur helps John with the recruits. (67kb)      


P.S. 110 - Learn About the USS Monitor
P.S. 161M - Learn About General Ulysses S. Grant
St. Stanislaus Kostka School - Learn About Gen. Wladimir Krzyzanowski (a Polish immigrant)
John Ericsson Junior High School - Learn About John Ericsson (a Swedish immigrant)
P.S. 34 - Learn About the Discovery of the USS Monitor
St. Cecilia School - Learn about Civil War Mascots
P.S. 31 - Learn about the Vivandiere, French Mary (a French immigrant)
St. Anthony of Padua School - Learn about Zouaves
P.S. 84 - Learn about Johnny Clem, children in the Civil War
P.S. 196 - Learn about the 54th Massachusetts & the Black soldiers of the Civil War
St. Anthony of Padua School - Civil War Music

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